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Carol Berglund Landscapes evolved from Carol's real estate business in Newport Beach. Carol's clients would ask her to help with their "curb appeal," which is where her love for landscaping began to bloom. More and more clients asked Carol to make improvements on their homes to sell their homes faster & increase their market value. As we have seen good landscaping increases the value of every home, and Carol's listings continually sold for top dollar. 

succulent plants
Our Vision

Carol Berglund Landscapes specializes in redesigning your yard and outdoor living space to create a fresh, lovely & low maintenance garden.

Meet Carol Berglund - Designer & Owner


Carol has designed inspiring landscapes for over 25 years. Tropical, succulents, & contemporary landscape are her specialties. She has traveled to almost 50 countries learning about many plants, climates & soil content.

In California we can duplicate growth of Hawaii, Costa Rica & Thailand. While we don't have the intense consistent humidity of these countries, we can enjoy many of the same plants with little maintenance. Additionally, in California we have the same climate as parts of Chile & New Zealand. There are so many beautiful plants that can be enjoyed all year with no pesticides or loss of leaf while maintaining color within your garden.

Carol loves to design easy maintenance, functional & beautiful landscapes. She also aims to create more living space on your property. After all, you pay top dollar to live in Southern California, you should enjoy every square foot of our home!

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Carol Berglund

Meet Mark Berglund - Designer & Co-Owner


Mark is the other half of the dynamic Berglund duo. Mark is not only Carol's business partner but also her partner in life, her husband.


Mark specializes in drainage issues; design, repair & replacing sprinkler systems; design & installation of lighting plans; installation of water features; installation of decomposed granite; and design/ placement of paths & stepping stones. 

Mark Berglund

Meet Cookie - Berglund Mascot


Cookie is Carol and Mark's beloved Goldendoodle and the unofficial mascot of Carol Berglund Landscapes. 

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